Bradley’s Head Road

This large heritage listed Federation Queen Anne residence has been restored and transformed into an intriguing composition of heritage and contemporary architecture.

The alterations and additions have removed a collection of rooms built over time to the rear of the original grand residence.  The new rear additions are scaled appropriately and organized in a traditional ‘lean to’ arrangement.

The design intent was to have a clear and defined differentiation between the old and the new part of the house.

While the old rooms are traditionally arranged, the new ones are free flowing, open and without doors.  The shade provided by the verandahs in the front of the house is contrasted by the luminosity of the new family room and master bedroom.  The solidity of the brick and slate at the front is juxtaposed by the lightness of the weather boards and steel roof at the back.

Part of the brief was to provide a more free and open garden, so the tennis court was moved further away from the house, and the swimming pool relocated to the side of the garden.

Essential to this house upgrade were the measures taken to save energy and water.  The house was designed to dispense with air-conditioning, with generous insulation, high ceilings, external solar controls to western windows, cross ventilation.

Stormwater is collected in a large tank and reused for the garden irrigation.  Landscaping has been selected to require low water consumption.

Mosman Design Awards, Commendation Heritage Conservation 2009

Location : Mosman, NSW
Design architect : Luigi Rosselli
Project architect : Simon Stead
Structural Consultant O’Hearn Consulting
Heritage Adviser : John Oultram Heritage & Design
Art Consultant : Rebecca Townsend
Builder : Moulds Constructions
Joiner : Batoma Commercial Interiors 
Landscaper : William Dangar & Associates
Photography Richard Glover

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