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Balla Rolls into Town

Luig Rosselli Architects are currently collaborating with Stefano and Julie Manfredi to bring to life Stefano’s passion for the tradition of the authentic local osteria of Milan’s Navigli area.

Osteria Balla will redefine the meaning of that tradition in a modern Sydney location with a world-class attitude.

The project is close to Luigi Rosselli’s heart, as he, like Stefano, was born and bred in Milano before finding his way to Australia.

Osteria Balla is a transposition of life along Milan’s Navigli canals to the shores of Sydney’s Harbour.  The Milano of Stefano and Luigi is the once industrial bedrock of Italy, its industrial architecture, space, and honest quality materials.

The restaurant’s name – Balla – is derived from the Milanese  Futurist artist that cosigned the Futurist Movement Manifesto in 1909 – an ode to industry and machines.  One hundred years later the machines and industry have left Milano but the Architecture remains, proud and beautiful.

Luigi Rosselli Architects has designed many restaurants and cafes for perfection seeking clients such as Peter Doyle, Greg Doyle and George Gregan. For this project, Luigi Rosselli teamed up with Architect Bill MacMahon of Rockpool fame.

Luigi Rosselli Architets have previously collaborated with the Manfredis on several projects including Belmondo Restaurant in 1996 and the Art Gallery of NSW Restaurant and Café in 2000.

Osteria Balla will open in September 2011.

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