Architecture exists in time, place and space.  Each time is different, each place has its own opportunities and challenges, and so each space must respond uniquely.

“I believe it is possible to settle a building on its site, create a marriage and a dialogue with that site. … I don’t think the building needs to fly over the site …I think there should be a strong connection between the building and the land.” Luigi Rosselli

A building is the result of collaboration between client and architect.  An architect who dominates the relationship, who imposes a style on the client does not understand the nature of the relationship.  The architect should listen as much as speak, question as much as state.

“In general throughout the years, I have produced a great variety of buildings and this is because they respond to different environments and different clients.  In designing a house, my motto is – ‘it takes two to tango’” Luigi Rosselli

A great building, be it house or school or church, is more than the sum of its material parts.  The architect should add another element – call it soul, call it poetry, or call it personality. Whatever it is called, without it, any building merely takes up space.

The does not mean a building should shout to be looked at, or jar in its streetscape or environment.  It means finding the spirit of the place and locating it in the building.

“Any art has a certain lyrical quality and poetic tension, this is what creates great buildings”   Luigi Rosselli

This would not happen without an experienced team of architects that can deliver a result on time, on budget, and one which is as practical as it is beautiful in every detail.

“With my colleagues we are a very tight knit team, with common beliefs and goals in building sustainable, humane and well constructed architecture, efficiently”   Luigi Rosselli

Finally, architects – and their buildings – are the sum total of their mentors, the cities in which they have worked and lived, and the influences they have absorbed and synthesised.

“After many years spent seeking wisdom and knowledge from the world, the places where I have worked, and the distinguished architects such as Mario Botta, Alvaro Siza and Aldo Giurgola with whom I have studied and worked, I settled in Sydney.  For me, it is the best place to live.  It is here that I am able to share that wisdom and knowledge with skilled and creative collaborators.  I have brought my cosmopolitan pebbles to lie among the varied and colourful pebbles of Australian architecture.”   Luigi Rosselli

Luigi Rosselli The Beehive