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Bella Balla

Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughes have collaborated with Luigi Rosselli Pty Ltd to bring to life Stefano’s passion for the tradition of the authentic local osteria of Milan’s Navigli area and to redefine the meaning of that tradition in a modern Sydney location with a world class attitude.

Stefano and Luigi have in common a Milanese origin.  The Milano of Stefano and Luigi is the once industrial earth of Italy, its industrial architecture, space, honest and cognisant of the quality of materials.  BALLA is a transposition of the life along Milan’s Navigli canals to the shores of Sydney’s harbour.


The newly opened Osteria BALLA Manfredi has been receiving some significant media attention. It is currently featured in a number of widely read blogs and is soon to appear in print in InDesign magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald. Take a look at the links below and keep your eyes peeled for its appearance in print.



Australian Design Review


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