Luigi Rosselli Architects, Sketch, Perspective, Design, Yellow Trace Sketch

Design Spring in Perth, Western Australia

Subiaco House – A new house currently under construction amongst the picturesque peppermint trees of Subiaco, an inner suburb or Perth. Set in a historically distinctive streetscape, the house was conceived as a series of small interconnected buildings connected but a large roof plane that is punctured at its centre by an elliptical courtyard. The detailing of the house reinterprets the historically significant detailing of its neighbours, as well as borrowing their materiality and scale, to produce a contemporary house that is sympathetic to its neighbours.

As Western Australia flourishes, the demand has increased by its discerning citizens for architecture and interior design skills. Luigi Rosselli Architects have taken pleasure in being part of a Western Australian cultural spring that has seen bold developments in the arts, design, and a renewed appreciation for architecture. From the salubrious Perth suburb of Subiaco, to the remote natural excess of Gracetown, a number of projects are underway that explore Western Australia’s distinct environment and culture.

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