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The Best Of Luigi Rosselli Architects: Hawkesbury River House, 25 Years Later

Better known as the INXS house, it was built on a Hawkesbury River escarpment north of Sydney, in the wilderness of a national park.  While the rock star owner was playing at Wembley Stadium in London to crowds of 74,000, this concrete blocks and timber weatherboards structure was taking shape as a courtyard house and two ship like bows jutting out of the steep slope.  The river a long way below is a reminder of the various boats stranded on the shore, as Noah’s Ark or Gabriele D’Annunzio’s torpedo on the slopes of Lake Garda.  It has been the safe mooring of more than one family of the last 25 years and they have all kept a religious respect to the original design.  The colours, the lightfittings are all unchanged, time has added a gracious patina, removed the gloss, softened the edges, darkened the timber.  This first new house of Luigi Rosselli Architects was built in a period where glass and corrugated steel dominated Sydney architecture, followed by smooth minimalism.  Not following the widespread trends this house is a timeless, tactile and textural design.

Location: Cottage Point, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Builder: Paul & Rob King
Structural Consultant: Geoff Nines Fong & Partners Pty Ltd
Joiner: Dan Kitchens
Roofing Contractor: CMS Roofing
Landscape Architect: Richard Stutchbury for Red Rust Designs
Lighting: Louis Poulsen
Photography: Justin Alexander (2014), Luigi Rosselli (2014) John Gollings (1990)

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