Luigi Rosselli, Stone Cladding, Sandstone Walls, Framed View, Hanging Chair, Swing Chair

The Best of Luigi Rosselli Architects: Waterfront Palazzo Eleven Years On

Like a good wine good houses age well, improving with the passing of the years.  When compared to the original photographs, taken by Richard Glover in 2004 [ Coolong Road 11 Years Ago ] , the recent reshoot of this waterfront palazzo shows how the lush Will Danger designed garden has become part of the architecture and how gracefully the building has aged, all the finishes are still fresh and faultless.

In Italian, the word ‘palazzo’ describes a large family residence and we can certainly apply the appellation to this home and all its neighbours in this very affluent street.  Most feature quantity and little quality in their design, however the client’s brief was to do the opposite.  “Only the best” asserted the owner.  The house needed to be an elegant but neutral backdrop for an art collection and the views.  Residents have come and gone: a banker, a Hollywood star and a tech tycoon from China, but the bricks and mortar continue to stand the test of time.

Location: Vaucluse NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architects: Luigi Rosselli, Simon Stead
Landscape Architect: William Danger & Associates
Builder: Alvaro Brothers Builders
Structural Consultant: O’Hearn Consulting
Joiner: VRD Detailed Joinery
Photography: Justin Alexander

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