The Beehive – Terracotta Transformation

“In a small commercial building in Surry Hills, Raffaello and Luigi Rosselli have gone to extraordinary lenghts to reimagine the ubiquitous terracotta roof tile as something far from ordinary.”

Design Architect: Raffaello Rosselli Studio
Project Architect: Raffaello Rosselli
Project Team: Jeffrey Blewett, Lluis Molins Calvet, Luigi Rosselli
Client: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Builder: Jim Miliotis for GroundUp Building Pty Ltd
Facade construction: Callum Coombe
Landscape Architect: William Dangar Associates
Joiner: Maluva Joinery Pty Ltd
Custom brass lighting: Oliver Tanner
Structural & Hydraulic Consultant: Charles Blunt for Rooney & Bye (Australia) Pty Ltd
Photography: Prue Ruscoe Ben Hosking Raffaello Rosselli


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