Luigi Rosselli, Glass Awning, Steel Windows, Restaurant, Restaurant Street Front

Belmondo Restaurant

Located in a former woolstore in The Rocks where the lanolin oil is still impregnating the old timber floor and hardwood posts, this restaurant is a building within a building.  The cavernous shell of the woolstore is left untouched, and light oxided steel structures have been inserted to contain the working parts of the restaurant – the bar, the serveries and the kitchen.  The latter one had to be constructed on a raised platform to contain all the plumbing and services without cutting through the existing floors.  These rusted steel elements appear to have been positioned haphazardly in the space but in fact they are carefully placed to form different seating areas and a fluid circulation.

The raised open kitchen platform was suitable to stage the skills of the Manfredi family and Steve Manfredi’s international chef reputation was laid bare.

Location: The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Milenko Mijuskovic
Kitchen Consultant: Austmont
Structural Consultant: Geoff Ninnes & Partners
Builder: Barrdean
Joiner: VRD Detail Joinery
Photography: Liz Cotter

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