Luigi Rosselli, Concrete, Curved Concrete, Triangular Awning

Surry Hills Studios

The history of Surry Hills, with its rag trade sweat shops and brothels, was found in the walls of this run down four storey warehouse building once the paint was removed from its flaking walls.  With the addition of two storeys on top and a mezzanine in the ground floor, the building had the opportunity for a new lease of life, a restoration of its best original elements and an upgrade of all fire and safety systems.

The upper additions was constructed of light weight structure to avoid overloading the existing walls, and it was assembled in a few weeks.  The new balconies on the pointy end of the building have been constructed in steel and bolted to the old walls to ensure the stability of the corners.

Location: Surry Hills, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli & Simon Rosewell
Project Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Structural engineer: Rooney & Bye, Charles Blunt
Builder: KCJ Constructions
Joiner: A & S Joinery
Photographer: Simon Kenny & Edward Birch

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