Luigi Rosselli, Concrete, Stepped Balconies

Benelong Apartments

Benelong Crescent apartments are inspired by the sinuous forms of Erich Mendelsohn’s Einstein Tower in Potsdam, completed in the 1920’s. The apartments cascade down the hill to follow the contours and the curved terraced balconies are shaped by the irregular boundaries of the site, rounded off by the prevailing winds.

The living areas have ample fenestration opening on the large terraces, extending the interior spaces on the projecting panoramic outdoor space. The high end of the building is facing a quiet street with large trees and the walls have been moulded to wrap around the trees.

The individual treatment of the different apartments has provided a “this is not a flat” look.

Location : Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW
Design Architect : Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect : Simon Stead, Simon Hassall, Edward Birch
Developer : Benelong Developments Pty Ltd
Structural Consultant : Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners
Photography : Justin Alexander

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