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Harbour Front-Row Seat

It is quite rare, in Woollahra Council’s municipality, to have a  waterfront residence so close to the water.  One gets the feeling of being in Sydney Harbour when looking out of the over-sized wafer-thin framed windows.

Luigi Rosselli Architects won a limited architectural competition to develop the site by proposing to revive the existing three storey house while the competitors opted for a clean slate solution.  Adaptive reuse is the best way to keep a carbon footprint small and the strategy was rewarded in this waterfront property by maintaining the foreshore building line just a few steps from the water.  A new house would have to be set further back.

Though built on the edge of beach this is not a beach house.  The cultured art lovers and sophisticated art collectors who commissioned this project required a very urbane and elegant residence, with an environment ideal to display their collection.  Expansive Wall spaces, nooks for sculptures and specialised art lighting were necessary.

The entry courtyard was originally a cramped driveway with three garages as main features, the solution was to relocate the garages and have a Will Dangar designed courtyard with sculptural plants and textural architectural details.  The result restored a sense of dignified arrival where people, not cars, are welcome.

Location: Municipality of Woollahra, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architects: Jane McNeill, Hugh Campbell
Landscape Architect: William Dangar for Dangar Group / William Dangar Associates
Structural & Hydraulic Consultant: Charles Blunt for Rooney & Bye (Australia) Pty Ltd
Interior Designer: Alexandra Donohoe for Decus Interiors
Builder: Sydcon Building Services Pty Ltd
Joiner: Corelli Joinery
Photography: Justin Alexander, Edward Birch

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