Luigi Rosselli, Mt Minderoo, Countryside

Mt. Minderoo

Set behind a grove of trees, forming a ring around the summit of Mount Minderoo, the house is hidden from the surrounding properties and enjoys unrestricted views 180 degrees over unspoiled countryside and national park.  The trees are a light and transparent filter of the view.

A thick stone wall meanders through the trees forming finger shaped terraces which project toward the hillside.  The wall was constructed using the weathered, dark brown and ochre basalt rock that covers the volcanic ridge of this isolated mountain.

The wall therefore becomes a demarcation between the untouched hillside and the house with its outdoor entertaining spaces. Enclosing the entry courtyard the wall changes from a parapet to swimming pool containment, from a retaining wall to a fireplace and chimney. The house’s form is dictated by three wings articulated in an open fan shape.  Each wing is a simple rectangular timber structure employing economical construction methods; stud walls, trussed roof, concrete slab on ground.

The roofs have been profiled with an aerodynamic shape to withstand the prevailing winds which hit the top of the hill.

Large eaves protect the large double glazed windows from the summer heat.  Every room has direct access to the northern terrace and easy flow to the surroundings.

The swimming pool has been lined with a dark cement finish to enhance the mirror like reflection of the panorama.  The water is a reserve to protect the house against bushfires.  Steel trowelled cement floors, solid timber cabinetry and a stone fireplace have been selected to withstand the daily wear and tear of a working farm.

RAIA Wilkinson Prize 2006 for Outstanding Residential singlehousing
B H & G People’s Choice Award, 90,000 votes on Channel Seven

Location: Mittagong, NSW
Design Architect:Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Joinery Architect: Corrado Palleschi
Structural ConsultantO’Hearn Consulting
BuilderAlvaro Bros Builders
Joiner: Stefan Sernak Kitchens
Landscaper: Mother Nature
Photography: Richard Glover & Luigi Rosselli


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