A Perspective : Luigi Rosselli

In 2014, Giselle Rosselli and Tim Hart set out to document the creative process of Australian architect, Luigi Rosselli

Shot in and around the old home of Luigi Rosselli Architects, a converted ‘flat iron’ warehouse in Surry Hills, the resulting short film shows the development of the initial concept design for a top-storey addition to a 1920s-era Art Deco apartment building in Bondi Beach, which would go on to become The Bow Window Penthouse.

In the documentary, Luigi discusses the importance of his unique, hand-sketched, white-out-on-yellowtrace drawings in communicating his design ideas to his clients, those who will eventually go on to inhabit the spaces he designs.  He explains how perspective is his preferred method for communicating his architecture, and how he uses his perspectives to focus the client’s attention on what is of most importance in the design.

Of The Bow Window Penthouse design Luigi says:

“I like generally to work with a building, [to] work with the good parts that are inherited from the existing architecture.”

Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Cinematography & Production: Tim Hart
Music: Cello Song by Giselle

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